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    Alice in Wonderland Character Costume Ideas in the UAE

    Posted on November 17, 2019

    Time for a little madness as Alice hits UAE cinemas in Disney’s Alice Looking Through the Glass. Celebrate this movie’s return to the big screen and join Alice as she returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.

    Turn up as Alice alongside your friends as and dress up like the unforgettable characters from this story. Here are some great costume ideas inspired by the characters from the movie Alice Looking Through the Glass in time for your Disney Alice in Wonderland Theme Party or Mad Hatter Tea Theme Party.

    Add a sexy and sassy twist to your Alice look in this Sassy Blue Dress Costume. Don this chic and stylish costume and be well on your way to Wonderland.

    Turn up as the young Alice and be in for a magical and enchanting experience as you come dressed in this Alice in Wonderland Costume. Go take yourself down the rabbit hole and into the whimsical realm of the Mad Hatter and the infamous Red Queen in this costume that’s ideal for costume parties or even stage plays.


    Personify the fictional cat popularized by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Just like the Cheshire Cat, be known for your mischievous grin as you don this eye-catching costume that comes complete with accessories such as cat ears, glovelettes as well as the tights with faux fur accent.


    Turn up as the zany, feminine versions of the Mad Hatter in these sassy Mad Hatter Costumes

    Look sassy in these costumes that come with dress, petticoat knee high stockings with accents plus character hat to complete your look!

    TIP! Get the Mad Hatter look! Put on a top hat, tie a lace over it and place some crystals to make it look OTT. It’s all about accessorizing like adding a big bow tie and a colorful blazer of your choice. When it comes to make up, if you’re going for Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter look, you can use white face paint, pink eyeshadow and an orange wig.


    Be twice as excited on your Alice in Wonderland party or Mad Hatter Tea Theme Party when you turn up as a White Rabbit dressed in this costume. You can go for a full-body rabbit jumpsuit or go for an easy to find headband with rabbit ears and complete your look with a rabbit nose.


    Plan to come to that Alice in Wonderland Costume Party or Mad Hatter Tea party as a pair of identical little fat men dressed as schoolboys? Well then show up with your best bud as one of the Tweedle Twins – Tweedledee and Tweedledum. To get the look, simply put on two matching oversized overalls or jumpers in bright colors such as yellow shirt and red trousers. Stuff it in to create a big belly. Make sure you use suspenders to hold it in place.


    Let everyone know who’s queen! Rule over Underland as you come dressed as the villainous Red Queen in this Adult Red Queen Costume that befits your royal cruelness. Top it off with a Red Queen Wig and a crown to complete your look. As for your makeup, simply paint a heart shape on your lips and use a whole lot of blue eyeshadow and voila, you’re all set to say - “Off with their Heads!” and get away it.

    Now, if you want to add a sweet and charming look that’s inspired by the Queen Hearts, you can always go for the Charmed Queen Storybook Costume.

    Let these creative costumes transport you to the world of Wonderland. Whether you want to channel the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts or even Alice herself, find the costumes you need at Party Centre for your quirky Alice in Wonderland costume party or Mad Hatter Tea Party.

    Discover more party theme ideas for your costume party by checking out our largest selection of officially licensed Party Costume Themes and Party Costume Accessories.

    Download your party checklist here.


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