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    Christmas in the UAE: Fun Christmas Party Game Ideas

    Posted on December 17, 2019

    Bust boredom on your Christmas party in the UAE. Keep the party alive and kicking by including some fun-filled party games that you and your loved ones can enjoy. Here are a couple of Christmas party games that you can include to your Yuletide celebration:

    Guess what’s Inside (the Stocking)!

    Fill a Christmas Stocking or sock with a mystery item and pass it around. Let kids of all ages have a grand time guessing what’s inside. They can shake, smell or feel it to correctly identify and find out what’s inside.

    Name that Yuletide Tune

    Here’s a spin-off of the classic ‘Name that Tune’ game. Play a couple of famous and well-loved holiday tunes from our Merry Christmas CD or Let it Snow CD and find out which player can guess the tune quickly by hearing just a few notes.

    Santa Rush!

    Divide the players into teams and combine younger and older players. At your signal, players race to the pile of clothes and take turns dressing up as Santa. Other players must help their teammate dress up completely as Santa. When dressed, Santa does a few rounds in your obstacle course carrying his Santa Bag then runs back in line. Each player who’s fully dressed must remove his Santa costume as fast as he can to start dressing up the next player. The team to finish the obstacle race first wins!

    Note: For added variety, you can even try dressing up your all-female players as Mrs. Claus or kids as an Elf.

    Christmas Carol Charades

    Gather all the players and divide them into teams. Have one of the players act out the title of the song and let the rest of the team guess it correctly. The team with the most number of correct guesses wins the game!

    Human Christmas Tree: Decorate a person as a Christmas Tree

    Divide the players into teams and nominate one player from each team to serve as a Christmas tree. Provide each team with some Christmas tree decorations such as our Christmas Tree Ornament Kit, Christmas Garlands, Christmas Balls, Ornament, and so much more! Team with the best human Christmas tree decoration wins the game!

    Pin the red nose on Rudolph

    Put a holiday spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. Hang or tape a poster of reindeer Rudolph on the wall and hand each child a red nose. Blindfold each child and have them take turns as they pin the nose on Rudolph.

    Fill in the Lyrics

    Divide the players into teams and give each team a mon Christmas carol or song. At the cue, players must search for the missing lyrics by cutting out the missing words from magazines or newspapers and pasting these on the given Lyric Sheet, in order. Players can also cut out individual letters to spell the right word if they cannot find the full word. The first team to complete the song wins!

    Now you’re all set for a great party! Have a joyful and meaningful Christmas!
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