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    Diwali Office Party Tips and Ideas

    Posted on July 11, 2019

    Celebrate and organize a memorable Diwali party in your office with these Diwali office party tips and ideas to kick-start the festivities.

    Tip #1 Choose a theme

    Spice up your Diwali party when you go for a theme of your choice! Go for a colour-coded theme or even a Bollywood theme party – whichever you fancy, let your creativity shine through!

    Tip #2 Decorate and Light up the party

    Since Diwali, the ‘Festival of Lights’ signifies the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil – your party venue should be basking in the light of beautiful diyas. When hosting a theme party of your choice, make sure that the decorations you use will complement your chosen theme. You can always come up with several ways to integrate traditional decorations to your modern party theme such as using Tea Lights   to light up your venue. Lighten up the mood with the help of these Tea Lights Candles that can perfectly set a good ambiance to your place. You can place these white mini molded candles on candle holders of your choice.

    You can also light up the occasion safely with battery operated flicker lights for that warm candle-like glow or illuminate Paper Lanterns with ready to use LED Light Strings or LED Lanterns.

    Don’t forget to create a beautiful rangoli using rice, colors and flowers at the office entrance. You may adorn your workplace with some customary Indian flowers or place traditional images of Diwali on choice spots in the office like notice boards and the likes.

    Try adding Multicolor Decorations and Metallic Decorations which are cheery and vibrant by nature and as such, these can definitely add a distinct festive touch to the occasion.

    Aside from using colorful decorative items, you may also consider playing slideshow of images related to Diwali or photos of employees celebrating the festival with their families using a projector.

    Tip #3 Party Food

    Go for traditional Diwali sweets and foods or Indian deserts. Finger-sized snacks or starters such as kebabs, mini tacos and pizzas are excellent choices too! You can serve it on Mini Cocktail Servewares and complement with other ideally colorful Cocktail Party Supplies.

    When it comes to thirst-quenchers or party drinks, consider serving mocktails or search for cocktail recipes in advance.

    Tip #4 Keep everyone entertained throughout the party!

    Have henna artists to do henna tattoos for the employees and create a festive mood. When it comes to mood music, go for music that matches your theme.

    Tip # 5 Party Favors and Giveaways

    Hand over silver and gold wrapped coin chocolates or any other traditional Diwali sweets that serve as special go-to treats or packaged as take-home gifts for your employees. These can be an ideal prize giveaway idea to your employees. Place these on special Party Favor Bags to make it look even more enticing.

    Now you’re all set to host your very own colorful and light-filled Diwali-inspired gathering in the workplace!

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