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    Easter Party Games Ideas in the UAE

    Posted on April 1, 2020

    Easter is fast-approaching! Make sure you’ve got some games to keep your guests entertained on your Easter Party. We’ve rounded up some fun and easy Easter Games that serve as sure-fire hit to kids of all ages (and yes, even adults too)!

    Egg and Spoon Race

    Let the race begin! Give each player one dyed Easter egg and line them up next to each other at the starting line. At the start of the signal, get those players to balance the egg on the Plastic Spoons as they race towards the finish line. If the egg drops, let the player pick up the egg and resume the race. First to finish, wins the game! You can also try our very own Egg Relay Game that already has all the things you need to get this exciting party game started.

    Guess the Eggs Number Game

    Quick! Assemble those Easter eggs on your Easter Basket . For added variety, you can also use Animal Print Eggs , hard boiled colored eggs or chocolate eggs. Then hand a piece of paper to each of your party guests for them to write their unique guesses on the number of eggs that your Easter basket holds. Player who gives the closest or exact number of eggs wins!

    Guess that Easter character

    Safely pin small Easter-inspired stuffed toys such as our Easter Bunny Plush at the back of each of your young guests without them knowing what these plush toys are. Then gather your guests for a quick game of “Guess that Easter character” and have each of them seated back to back to correctly identify the stuffed toy found behind their back. Allow each of the players to ask questions one by one that’s answerable only by yes or no.Example, “Do I eat carrots” or “Am I yellow?” just to name a few. Players who guess the Easter characters correctly win special prizes!

    Classic Easter Egg Hunt Game

    MyParttCentre - Classic Easter Egg Hunt Game

    No Easter party is ever complete without an Easter Egg Hunt Game. Get everything all set for this traditional game. Take these especially decorated Easter Plastic Eggs and place sweet candies and other Easter treats inside those plastic eggs. Then hide it around your yard, garden our house. As soon as all the eggs are collected, let the kids have a grand time playing with or eating their prizes.

    Pin the Egg on the Easter Bunny

    Draw or print out a graphic image of an Easter Bunny holding a basket filled with eggs. Have the kids safely blindfolded and give them sticker egg cutouts as they take turns to stick the missing egg on the bunny’s Easter basket. Player who pins the egg closest or exactly on the correct spot, wins a special prize! Check out our Easter Bunny Pin the Tail Board Game

    There you have it, some fun-filled Easter Party Games that you can include on your next celebration. Find more ideas and inspiration for other seasonal events here.

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