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    Halloween Couple Costume Ideas in the UAE

    Posted on July 11, 2019

    Two is always better than one. It’s time to tap into your imagination and break “out” of the mold. Pair up with your sweet loved one this Halloween and get creative inspiration from pop culture references to classic pairings with these Halloween couple costume ideas in the UAE that you can try. Complement each other in these Halloween Couple Costumes and make it an unforgettable teamwork experience.

    1. Opposites Attract

    Play make-believe with your sweet love one as you head to that Halloween costume party with an “opposites attract” costume idea. Try an Angel Costume paired with a Devil Costume to represent good and evil. Or you can also go for classic clashing characters in history and mythology. Like cops and robbers, cowboys and indians or damsel-in-distress and villain -- all in the name of love and Halloween!

    2. Famous Movie Duo

    It’s double the fun when you come in twos. Complement each other just like some iconic movie couples. Think film characters like Batman and Catwoman, Tarzan and Jane or Mary Jane and Spider-Man. Dress up as recognizable love team characters from a popular movie. This is a great costume idea for kid, teens and adults as these costumes come in popular sizes.

    3.Cartoon Love Teams

    Pair up like cartoon love teams from classic animated movies and show your special couple personality.

    4. Superhero Power Couple

    Pair up with some superhero costumes that are a great fit for a heroic minded couple. You can turn up as the male and female superhero couples ready to save the world. Think Captain America, Batman or Superman and their female versions, just to name a few.

    5. Spooky-Mad Kinda Love

    Show ‘em what your halloweeny love affair is all about. Embody that spooky-mad kinda love and get your spook on in costumes like Freddy Krueger or  Adult Vampire Costumes. Dress up like two pale and hungry vamps with one elegant long dress for the lady and a stylish suit with cloak for the gentleman. Don’t forget to accessorize with fake vampire teeth and get ready to suck the life out of the party.

    6. Blast from the Past

    You can also turn up as some of the top historical figures when you coordinate your look for your costume duo. Think Cleopatra and Pharaoh Costume. Or perhaps go for a classic Grecian look like a Greek goddess Aphrodite paired with a Spartan.

    You can also go for an era or period throwback with fantastic Historic Party Costumes that takes you back in time just like the roaring 20, just to name a few. Take inspiration from these Flapper and Gangster costumes.

    Be a hit as dynamic duos in that Halloween costume party you’re eyeing on here in the UAE with these Halloween couple costumes ideas. Shop at Party Centre, your Halloween party superstore in the Middle East for great costume choices that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Party Centre offers the largest collection of over thousands of licensed and generic costumes both for children and adults.

    ‘Want more Costume and Accessories ideas to bring your favorite characters to life? Discover amazing costume ideas here.

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