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    Halloween Party Game Ideas in the UAE

    Posted on July 11, 2019

    Planning your own Halloween party in the UAE? Kickstart the spooky fun as you challenge and entertain your party guests with some fun Halloween party games to make them scream with delight. Keep the ghoulish fun alive with these Halloween games that kids and even adults alike will surely enjoy.

    Halloween Box Guessing Game

    Quick! Find out what’s inside the Halloween box! Create and decorate your own Halloween box and fill it with creepy crawlers such as plastic snakes , cockroaches or better yet, take this Halloween Creepy Crawly Super Mega Mix Favors Pack that come complete with figures like bats, rats and so much more. It’s up to you to make it silly or even gross. Challenge your party guests to use their sense of touch to find out what’s inside the box.

    Halloween Costume Contest

    It ain’t a Halloween party without the traditional Halloween Costume Contest. Encourage everyone to reign as their favorite Halloween characters. Take your pick from our wide selection of Costumes by Theme for inspiration.

    Make sure you award this Best Costume Skeleton Trophy or the Halloween Sexiest Costume Trophy, respectively to the most deserving contestant. You may also hand out the Halloween Assorted Medals or Multi-Pack Award Ribbons for those who come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

    Mo’ Bones, Mo’ Wins!

    Let kids play archaeologists for the day. Simply divide the group into two. Take two or three Bag O Bones Package that comes with skeleton bones and hide it in key areas of your party venue. Team who discovers the most number of skeleton bones at your make shift archaeological site wins!

    Skeleton Scavenger Hunt Game

    Get all the kids busy trying to figure out how they can put that skeleton back together. Take this Skeleton Scavenger Hunt Game that kids of all ages can play individually or as a team. See who can complete the skeleton first! Just hand over the instructions sheets (also included in the game kit) to ensure that everyone gets to assemble the skeleton bones together correctly.

    Halloween Bend and Twist Game

    Put a whole new twist on a classic game. Take this Halloween Bend and Twist Game and get all the participants to take turns in giving the spinner dial a spin and follow the instructions as they go. Pretty soon, they’ll be landing their hands and feet on the corresponding squares in the floor mat. Last one standing wins the game!

    Pin-The-Smile Skeleton Game

    Let’s see who’s got a third eye. Encourage kids to play this fun and simple Pin-the-Smile Skeleton Game that challenges kids to take turns properly sticking these skeletal smile cutouts while safely blindfolded.

    Boo Crew Potato Sack

    Get those little monsters ready for a quick potato sacks game. Simply ask them to slip into these synthetic fabric Boo Crew Potato Sacks featuring the Boo Crew monsters and let the race begin!

    Halloween Piñatas

    Who can forget the classic Piñata game? Fill these Halloween Piñatas up with loads of party treats and goodies and watch your party guests eagerly take turns to smash it up or pull the string to reveal the surprise treats like toys, lollies and so much more - up for grabs!

    Create Your Own Scarecrow

    The race is on! Divide your party guests into two teams and have them create their own scarecrow using materials at the start of the game such as old clothes, hats, pillowcases to serve as heads, newspapers for stuffing, ropes for tying and some markers for drawing the face. First team to finish wins the game! Display the winning scarecrow and put it on display for everyone to see the winning piece.

    Spooky Musical Chair

    Add a spooky twist to the classic musical chairs Halloween game minus all that running and pushing. Get everyone to do their best zombie dance walk or move as they play an exciting game of musical chairs. Pop in some chilling Halloween Party Music and have kids do their zombie walk. As the music stops, have the players race to sit in the available chairs. Player left standing will be taken out of the game. Have one chair removed with each round of spooky musical chair, ‘til only one person remains in the game. It’ll no doubt prove to be a crowd pleaser as kids compete for a seat!

    Witch Hunt Game

    Hide witch hats or witch-shaped cutouts around the house and get all the kids to find and gather as much as they can. Player who finds the most number of witch hats or witch shaped cutouts wins!

    Halloween Who Am I?

    Get your party guests to guess that infamous Halloween character. Simply pin Halloween-themed images or illustrations at the back of each of your party guests (without the guest seeing what it is). Each guest must guess what he or she is by asking questions from others answerable by “yes” or “no” to find out the identity of that mystery character.

    Mummy Wrap

    Pair up your party guests. Hand each pair a roll of toilet paper. Selected pair must choose one team member to get wrapped up like a mummy. First team to wrap up his partner, use up and empties the tissue roll wins the game!

    Let kids of all ages have loads of fun with these exciting Halloween party games that they can include to their Halloween party here in the UAE.

    Throwing your very own Halloween Party? Find all the Halloween Party Supplies you need by browsing this page.

    Happy Halloween!

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