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    Ideas for Kids' Halloween Costumes in the UAE

    Posted on October 17, 2019

    Let your little ones live out their wildest dreams. Find inspiration from our massive range of Kids' Halloween Party Costumes. Choose from iconic Halloween characters and let them wreak havoc the way monsters and villains do. You may also transform them into their favorite superheroes, storybook or movie, video game or famous historical characters. Here’s a quick rundown of ideas for Kids’ Halloween party costumes here in the UAE:

    Kids Historical Costumes

    Make them travel back in time and explore the past as you dress them up in medieval-inspired historical and period costumes. Have them journey through ages on your fancy dress party theme sporting some fashion history costume trends rocking out some era costumes or dressing up as an eternal cultural icon.

    Kids Superhero Costumes

    Let kids come to the rescue as they save the party from utter boredom dressed in their favorite Superhero costumes. Get them jumping up and down in excitement as they come to your superhero headquarters and accept their mission – to embrace their super selves!

    Kids Cartoon Character Costumes

    Transform your kids as their favorite cartoon character. Make it happen with costumes inspired by famous, well-loved cartoon characters of all the time such as SpongeBob Squarepants or Jessie of Toy Story just to name a few. Let your kid embody their childhood fantasy.

    Kids Villain Costumes

    Let your child show his or her cute yet mischievous side when you dress up your child in popular villain costumes and match it up with the right accessories.

    Kids Video Game Character Costumes

    Kids can definitely get their game on when you dress them up in video game-inspired Halloween costumes to help them score extra points at your party. Surely kids can’t get enough of their favorite game characters so why not encourage them to come dressed as one in Kids Video Game Character Costumes. Make him turn up as the famous Super Mario Brothers – Mario and Luigi. You can even add Princess Peach to the equation.

    Kids Celebrity and Famous People Costumes

    Dress up your kid/s as famous celebrities and let their star power shine while they go trick-or-treating. Let them go la da di da di dancing with Miley in a Hannah Montana costume or go singing ‘sorry’ ala-Justin Bieber or even the pop prince Michael Jackson.

    Kids Storybook and Fairytale Character Costume

    Let your child bring life to their favorite storybook characters as you dress them up in Kids Storybook and Fairytale Costumes like Snow White, Alice or the Tin Man in Alice in Wonderland, just to name a few.

    Kids Toy Costumes

    Draw inspiration from your kid’s most cherished toy just like these Child Ride On Unicorn Costume. Dress up your kid up with something really unique and creative that’s let your child stand out from the rest.

    Kids Career Costume

    Let your child’s dream job come true this Halloween with career or occupational costumes to make them live their dream just like this Child Police Officer Career Costume Kit.

    Kids Scary Halloween Costumes

    Get their spook on with scary Halloween costumes featuring reapers, vampires, zombies, skeletons and even crazy clowns too! Spark terror with these terrifying Halloween costumes.

    Find more ideas for Halloween costumes or for school presentation, stage play or other costume-themed parties for your young boys and girls when you check out our Halloween Girls Party Costumes and our Halloween Boys Party Costumes.

    Make sure to put some clever add-ons like the right Costume Accessories and Make Up to make them beam with pride as they step in the party scene.

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