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    Party Checklist

    Posted on December 10, 2019

    Here’s a quick think-ahead list that you can save or print to help you get your party started. Simply tick off the boxes below to make sure you got everything covered.

    3 to 4 weeks before your party:

    • Select you party venue.
    • Prepare your guest list.
    • Decide on a your party theme.
    • Pick your party date and time.
    • Purchase your party supplies (decors, tableware, candles, balloons and favors) in store or online at Party Centre.


    2 to 3 weeks before the party:

    • Send out invitations at least 2 weeks before the party.
    • Plan your menu and drinks.
    • Order your cake from your bakery.
    • Plan your party entertainment such as games and activities.


    2 to 3 DAYS before the party:

    • Shop for food and drinks (TIP: It's always better to shop for more than you think you need)
    • Check the camera, charge and purchase reserve batteries and memory cards.
    • Confirm and update your Guest Count and plan for extra guests showing up.
    • Schedule your Balloon Pickups at Party Centre.
    • Plan the party music, sound system and party playlist.


    1 DAY before the party:

    • Finish decorating your cake or pick it up if ordered.*
    • Plan for match sticks for lighting birthday candles.*
    • Childproof your party venue.
    • Decorate the indoor party area and get creative ideas and inspiration for your party décor from Party Centre.
    • Refrigerate party food and drinks that need to be chilled overnight.



    • Pick up your balloons from Party Centre or inflate them if you have your do-it-yourself tank.
    • Prepare remaining last minute menu items and get the drinks on ice.
    • Set the Table. Get decorating ideas for coordinated tableware from Party Centre.
    • Display your party food, drinks, appetizers and other party snacks at least one to two hours before your guests arrive.
    • All Set! Now have fun and mingle with your guests. Let the party begin !!


    Download your printable Party Checklist in PDF format. *Optional

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