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    Thanksgiving Party Game Ideas in the UAE

    Posted on November 28, 2019

    Celebrate Thanksgiving in the UAE. Here are some creative ideas you can try to create a warm and happy Thanksgiving atmosphere and to entertain your party guests while waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner. Take a cue from these fun and easy Thanksgiving Party Games Ideas in the UAE suitable for all ages!

    Thanksgiving Bingo

    Liven up your party with a popular Thanksgiving Bingo game. All you have to do is to use the word “FEAST” instead of Bingo in all the Bingo Game Sheets and get everyone to start playing. Make sure the game master uses the letter “F” instead of B, and so on and so forth, when calling the numbers for the game.

    Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Game

    Try a turkey-themed version of hide and seek for your Thanksgiving Party Game to entertain kids. For this game, select two players to be “it”. Kids simply have to cover their eyes and stand against the wall while the rest of the children hide paper turkeys around the house. Make sure that the hidden turkeys are just within reach for the kids to ensure their safety. Player who gets the most number of paper turkeys wins the game.

    PARTY TIP: Running out of time? Why not use ready-made shiny glittered turkeys found in these Turkey Glitter Cutouts or Thanksgiving Cutouts Mega Value Pack

    Put the Hat on the Turkey

    If you feel like opting for some quick ready-madegame, you may also check out this fun and simple game that puts an exciting, new twist to that classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Take this Thanksgiving Party Game. This set comes with a poster of a large turkey surrounded by pilgrims and native American girls and boys. Players simply have to take turns placing those pilgrim hat stickers correctly on the turkey’s head, while blindfolded. Player who gets successful in his attempt, wins!

    Create your own Thanksgiving Turkey

    You may also go for a Thanksgiving party activity rather than the usual Thanksgiving party game. Gather all the kids and give them something fun and creative to do while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. Give them some arts and crafts materials, a pile of magazines and let children have a great time creating their own turkey.

    Turkey Waddle

    Go for this fun and silly Thanksgiving relay race that could surely get everyone moving. Simply get all the players to place balloons between their legs and get them to try to get to the finish line first. Let this bring in the laughs for kids and adults alike.

    No doubt, kids will have a blast with these simple thanksgiving party game ideas. You might even want to reward those kids with a Thanksgiving goodie bag that you can fill with exciting party favors.

    Planning to throw your own Thanksgiving Party in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or elsewhere in the UAE? Have a look at all the Thanksgiving Party Supplies you need.

    Don’t forget to browse our quick, think-ahead PARTY CHECKLIST to help you pull off an amazing Thanksgiving Party.

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